Right thinking

by Rakhi Mundhada, December 13, 2017

Our physical life depends on physical things. To satisfy hunger food is required. To protect us from cold , warm clothing is required. These are basic needs. Satisfying them may make us comfortable,but not happy. We are confused between happiness and comfort. Comfort does not necessarily bring happiness. Now a days our life has become more comfortable and we have become comfortably sorrowful. A wise person does not expect lasting happiness from objects. If nature of objects was happiness, they would have universally brought happiness to everyone all the time. For e.g a toy is a joy for kid and it has no meaning for teenager .So there is no need to throw away objects.we need only to give up our false belief that they will bring lasting happiness.A wise person may desire objects , but he will never insist on the fulfillment of such desire.We should know to differentiate between need and desire .And act wisely for a joyful happy life.