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The experience of  17 years have made  Dr Rakhi Mundhada come out of clinic chamber to the group and masses as she had experienced that the guidance need to be shared with many youngsters and women before they land into any trouble, catch them when young, was said by a famous person and she thinks it’s right to follow it for the healthy  generation to come. Her main focus is on to plant the seeds of spirituality and harmonized lifestyle in youth and women who leads the family. In the fast changing world we have changed some of our core values which are the cause of increasing number of  mental disturbance we have to revive the values to regain our balance for joyful life. She further adds that it’s not our personal fault, but happened to us in the race of modernization. Indian culture have a deep scientific  reason for small ritual and  festival we perform but we are unaware of that.The science need to be explore and again made a part of our life as she says that “festivals are celebrations of mind”.




  • N.D (Naturopathy)
  • M. D (A.M)
  • M. Sc (Applied Psyco)

Work experience

  • 3 yrs HVPM, Amravati (2001 – 2003)
  • Nisargasutra Naturapathy Clinic, Amravati (2004 – 2007)
  • As an assistant doctor at Dr. Girdhar Heda’ s Clinic, Ramdaspeth, Nagpur (2008 – 2010)
    There after got attached to many organizations and conducted “mental hygiene” awareness interactive sessions in schools, colleges and women empowerment institutions. The sessions were for parents, children, teachers respectively. Currently undergoing research work on Health and Human Emotions.


  • Awareness of health through thoughts
  • Healthy society upgradation
  • Lifestyle enhancement
  • Spirituality, a core of healthy mindset and body

Member of organizations

  • Aarogya bharti – Organisation spreading awareness of herbal plants and benefits for health.
  • International council for complimentary medicine
  • Akhil bhartiya parakritik chikitsa parishad
  • International Sujok Association
  • DIYA – Youth upgradations
  • Tejaswani – Social welfare

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